Let The People Decide

Fifty years ago, Roe v Wade, stunted a healthy debate amongst the people and their elected leaders about how to promote the dignity of women and children.
Roe v Wade forced political bodies into a zero-sum game where they could either promote life or empower women. It polarized society, labeling people pro-lifers or abortion rights advocates and leaving little room for people in the middle.
It does not have to be that way. With full political discourse restored, the people will have the opportunity to debate abortion, to find ways to support women in challenging circumstances, to connect families with children in need.
The debate will be different in each state, reflecting the will of their individual electorates. Some states will codify a right to abortion. Some states will restrict it.
But this is what democracy looks like. Elected leaders, accountable to the people they represent, propose and pass the laws that the people support.
The Constitution gives the people this job.
The people are ready.
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